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What Everyone Should Know About Tooth Sensitivity People experience painful tooth aches all because of the wrong choices of food and drinks. Peanuts are very hard snacks that easily break the teeth, while coffee and ice cream can cause teeth sensitivity. Many are not yet aware on why this even happens in the first place. To make this concern clearer, here are explanations from the dentists themselves: Nerves are very sensitive and they can actually be found under the set of teeth that we have – they seem hard from the outside bit not really from he inside. Hot or cold beverages can trigger the nerves when they are exposed; this isn’t something to be dismissed because even the strongest man can be in pain when this happens. The pain is a described as a quick and sudden sensation that immediately hits the jaw line. The pain and sensation is said to last for a few seconds but that doesn’t mean that it should be left untreated – rather, it’s the other way around which is why dentists agree that immediate treatment be done. What are the reasons behind tooth sensitivity? The sensitivity of the tooth actually starts from the gums – this refers to gum diseases that resulted to recession. Gum diseases tends to pull away from the teeth and therefore leads to the exposure of the nerves; as these are very sensitive, anything that a person eats or drinks easily hits and stimulates the nerves which bring about the painful sensation. Severe cases of food sensitivity, prohibits the patients from eating and drinking certain kinds of foods.
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Besides gum diseases, wear and tear of the teeth due to age can also be a source. Brushing the teeth keep them clean and healthy, but when this is over-done – the enamel is said to be removed and stripped-off. As the tooth enamel thins, it can only mean one thing – the exposure of the nerves that are more at risk on tooth sensitivity.
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Services
It can be dangerous when cavities start to build-up near the gum line because this can make the nerves more exposed and highly sensitive as well. A most common gum disease is called “gingivitis” which is described as the gums receding- this will then mean the teeth are pulled from the gums and showing the root of the teeth. Bruxism is the dental term that refers to the grinding of teeth; this can be just as dangerous as over-brushing because it also thins the tooth and removes the enamel. Everyone dreams of whiter teeth but using whitening products can actually have some negative effects. Tooth whiteners that are said to be of poor quality can lead to gum recession, irritation and even inflammation.

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