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Posted by: headm on: March 24, 2016

5 Ways on How You Can Celebrate International Women’s Day March 8 of every year is International Women’s Day, and is celebrated throughout the world. In other areas, the celebration focuses on the achievements of various women, which includes their political, economic and social excellence. In other places, this celebration is a general giving of appreciation, love, and respect to women. This day should always be commemorated regardless of where you are living in the world. Here are some of the things that you can do to celebrate the giving of appreciation, love, and recognition to women during this day.
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Having Your Own Purple Ribbon Worn
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Purple ribbons are worn by people to symbolize a variety of causes, just like ADD and ADHD to Alzheimer’s disease, anti-gay bullying and even adoption awareness. This is also the ribbon color that is associated with international woman’s day. In 1990, the Woman’s Action Coalition of Nova Scotia initiated the Purple Ribbon Campaign. The original purpose of wearing this purple ribbon is to remember the 14 women who died in the Montreal Massacre on December 6, 1989. Wearing a purple ribbon thus raises awareness on violence against women, which is worthy. Contribute to Spread the Word Why not spread the word about this worldwide celebration, instead of not doing anything and just letting this day pass. Submitting stories to media outlets, is one thing that you can do. Having promotional materials that can be downloaded and promoted through a variety of outlets is also a useful tool. Join me in the Bridge The people who started this unique campaign are the women in Rwanda and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These people met on the bridge which joined the two countries together and showed that peace was possible if women joined forces. The join me on a bridge campaign has spread globally, from those humble beginnings. San Francisco, Boston, London, New York and Toronto are some of the countries that are celebrating this campaign. You really do not need to be in those areas to be part of the event. Initiate a join me on the bridge campaign in your place. No Wearing of Bra Many women do not wear bra during this day to signify their part in the international woman’s day. This is not something that is immoral. This shows the sign of being free of the bonds that had suppressed women for years. Start With it Online People are not yet connected with social media in the past years. Take advantage of that connection and raise awareness for international woman’s day on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. This can be done with a simple post.

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