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Posted by: headm on: February 5, 2016

First Impressions & Business Cards Above all else, the objective in any first meeting in a business context is to build mindshare with another person. A quality business card from you, then, will likely go a long way towards starting a good relationship with a potential client or partner. Business cards have a fairly long tradition, dating back into the 19th century, so there’s been a lot of creativity and innovation that can be found in this convention that has stood the test of time. Even though they’re a pretty old tradition as far as business goes, business cards have still undergone innovation, as well. Whether your ideal card is embossed or accentuated with foil, or perhaps even die-cut from a steel sheet, if that’s what you’re into, there’s one thing you can be certain of–these services have the experience that is required when making cards. More importantly, they’ll make sure that it is not just any business card, but yours. Picking the Right Business Card
Discovering The Truth About Services
Creating a business card can be fairly straightforward, if you want it to be, or you can make it an incredibly creative endeavor. When getting the perfect business card, the printing services are able to perform a number of tasks, all the way from printing to helping you design the card itself, if that’s what you want.
The Art of Mastering Services
Firstly, you must figure out what kind of stock you want to use. The quality of paper definitely matters, so you don’t want to skimp on the paper’s weight. Flimsy cards leave bad impressions! Secondly, the overall design and shape of the physical card also matters, with most cards tending to be around 2 inches by 3.5 inches. Business cards are usually the 2″ x 3.5″ size to fit mainly inside wallets, but this particular convention is a little more flexible. There is a limit to what you can do, though, because if someone can’t fit it in their wallet or business card holder or rolodex, then it’s hard to get them to hold onto it, which makes it completely useless. Lastly, keeping it relatively simple is a good way to make people feel warmer about you. Simplicity isn’t a bad thing, though, and it can vary depending on what you think your profession demands of you. After all, if your design is scattered and your card is supposed to represent you, then how can you expect anyone to believe that you aren’t also scattered? Business cards have the ability to create a lasting image of you in someone’s mind as someone they can rely on in their business ventures. So, you owe it to yourself to get your own personalized business card, because you’re only missing out on those critical relationships if you don’t.

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