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Posted by: headm on: January 24, 2015

What is Compression Clothing? Should you be a professional runner or thinking of changing into one then it is of the greatest significance that you have a clue how important compression suits are. In addition to compression shoes, compression suits will also be an important piece of equipment of a runner and included in this are compression shorts, tights and top. Compression clothing varies in structure and composition and is perfect for runner due to the fact compression clothing compresses and applies pressure to distinct muscle groups. Compression to vital muscle areas improves the flow of blood to that muscle area, as a result it is vital to be dressed in compression clothing when running; improved flow of blood signifies strengthened oxygen supply for the reason that blood carries oxygen to those areas. Supplementary oxygen usually leads to more energy to be used up , and that is extremely helpful most especially when there is a much better blood flow to your legs ; more energy to be used up signifies that you have more endurance to carry on running not to mention run much faster than typical. Apart from improving circulation of blood to muscle groups, compression suits can also assist in keeping muscles in place, therefore regulating muscle oscillation for the duration of a run. Reduced muscle oscillation is also helpful in reducing fatigue experienced by the muscles; after a run, the muscles can recover faster because compression suits can help hasten the restoration of the integrity of you tissues. During injury , compression suits may be able to help in faster healing as compression can start a fast healing reaction to the harmed part of your body ; it can also help lessen any inflammation or swelling after a run , particularly when it was a really exhausting one.
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An additional advantage of compression clothing is that it can help control body temperature, most especially when the climate is cold; but even in sizzling weather; compression clothing can still help out with getting rid of the dampness on your skin. It is most effective in cold weather because it can help you keep warm without being too cumbersome; cold weather can have ill effects on your body as it can cause muscles to cramp, that is why compression clothing is very useful as it can regulate the temperature in your body quite well.
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Compression clothing might also help boost a person’s proprioception. Proprioception is a term that basically signifies consciousness of your body; hence if you have augmented consciousness of your body, you are much more coordinated and your presentiment toward balance will also improve and these are really useful when running, specifically in demanding terrain.

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