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A Quick Guide to Car Accidents If you have been in a car accident, you know it can be devastating. There are so many details to worry about, none more important than your health. Sometimes, car and truck accidents result in severe injuries. In addition to personal injuries, accidents usually result in varying levels of damage to the vehicles involved. Once the participants of the accident have been attended to, the cars need to be towed or moved from the scene. Both parties should have a copy of the police report before leaving the scene of the car or truck accident. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident, contact an attorney who deals in car and truck injuries for the best representation. Dealing with the physical issues following a car accident, is difficult enough, let the legal issues to the professionals. Accident attorneys will negotiate a fair settlement for you or will move to litigate your case. There are many factors including personal injury and traffic laws that will determine the party at fault. In most instances, the parties involved can reach a settlement without going to litigation. If the case has to go to court, a judge will determine which party is at fault.
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The party found guilty will pay for damages to your vehicle, doctor bills, pain and suffering and lost income. In some states, judges can determine that both parties are responsible, and require both parties to pay the bills and expenses. Pedestrians and bicyclist can also be injured due to someone else’s car or truck accident. In most cases, judges give extra consideration to people walking or biking. Insurance companies are also intimately involved in not overpaying for accidents.
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Auto insurance companies may hire an attorney to represent you, but you do not get any input on who the choose. Do not sign any papers or agreements without first consulting an attorney or your insurance company. Liability issues are usually different for cars and trucks. When a car is involved in an accident, the driver’s personal insurance is normally put into play. Business owned trucks are not handled the same way when it comes to accident liability. Another concern following a car or truck accident is the repair of the damaged vehicles. An insurance agent will file a report and direct you to the proper repair facility. Replacement or repair value will be determined by the insurance company, and may limit how much you can spend to have your damaged vehicle repaired. There are many things to deal with following a car or truck accident, so seek help from a professional injury attorney. Let a accident attorney do the grunt work and just worry about getting better following your car or truck accident.

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