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Types of Contact Lenses to Choose From When buying contact lenses, it is advisable that you do so wisely because the type of contact lens you buy will affect your vision in a great way. If you make a wrong when buying a contact lens, you will affect your vision negatively so it is advisable that you contact an eye specialist before buying. The right choice of contact lenses depends on many things, including how much contact lens your eyes can tolerate, how willing you are to properly care for the lenses, and your refractive error. The following are some of the common types of contact lenses you can choose from. Daily wear contact lens is one of the contact lenses in the market. Among all the contact lenses, this is the most affordable one. It has to be taken off every night and get disinfected and can be replaced on a specified schedule. The replacement time can vary significantly depending on the type and brand of the lens. This can be after every two weeks to every three months. Disposable contact lens is yet another type of contact lens you can buy. Disposable contact lenses are supposed to be tossed off daily after every use so you d not have to worry about maintenance. These types of lenses cost more because you need a new pair every day. However, they are more convenient.
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Disposable contacts that should be replaced weekly or monthly require the same level of care just like their daily wear counterparts. They are a perfect wear if you have allergies.
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Toric contact lenses are also another type of contact lenses one can invest in. This type of lens is mostly used to correct astigmatism which is a condition where vision becomes blurred because of an irregularly shaped lens or cornea inside the eye. Compared to other types of contact lenses, these lenses are usually more expensive. A lot of people also choose colored contact lenses. They change the wearer’s eye color and can even make brownest eye look either blue or green, depending on the color of the contact lens. These lenses are also designed to enhance the natural color of the eye. These contact lenses not only correct vision, but can also be worn as cosmetics. Another little-known type of contact lens is the multifocal lens. It is designed to help older people who have a problem bringing closer objects into focus, a condition known as presbyopia. People suffering from this condition can have their vision corrected by using multifocal or bifocal contact lenses. One of the techniques used in these contact lenses is monovision which uses a contact lens for distance vision in the dominant eye and contact lenses for near vision in the non-dominant eye.

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