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Posted by: headm on: February 8, 2016

Steps To Be Remembered When Planning For An Outsourced Software Development There are lots of small business owners who seek to have great software at reasonable price could tell you much of their negative experiences before finding the right one. For some, they often end up in a nightmare by considering off shoring or hiring a developer team that’s working outside the country. Another cited problem in development of software is hiring local freelance developers that are recommended by a friend or a family member. To be certain that you will go a long way to further improve the outcome of the outsourced projects for software development, there are actually three important steps you should bear in mind. Protecting your Intellectual Property or IP is the first thing you must do. So what you have to do here is that, in every deal you will make, it must start with a deal clarifying that your business as exclusive and outright owner of all the software code that’s generated as part of agreement. It will be smart if you would search for the patenting elements or copyrighting of codes.
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Software developers that are based in the country give assurance to their clients that they’re working with an individual who’s bound to same IP laws. And for the clients on the other hand, it is very important that they investigate on levels of IP protection that’s offered by other countries to which the outsourced developer is located.
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For the second step, it is all about the management of product and project throughout the completion of lifecycle. This is going to include initial analysis, requirements, development, design, acceptance testing, deployment to production, system performance, maintenance, enhancements and security for as long as the software is active. Don’t just rely on outsourced software developer to represent your interests in managing the product and project throughout the lifecycle. Keep in mind that an experienced and seasoned product and project manager who works for and representing the business for quite a long time is in best position of assuring that the business will achieve optimal value. For step three, it will be vital to plan for ongoing support and maintenance. As a matter of fact, getting your software developed is only the start of the cycle. It is quite a risky proposition to make by employing a developer in getting the ware developed without ongoing responsibility of supporting it as soon as it goes to production. Customers would constantly report bugs or errors and they’ll require enhancements as well as the addition of features. With this being said, be sure that the software developer possesses the resources needed to deliver these services. What’s more, make it a point that you have support and maintenance agreement that is delineating the terms.

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