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Posted by: headm on: August 7, 2015

Finding the Right Bed for Your Dog Just like you, dogs are also creatures of habit. You will usually see them sleeping in the same spot, which means you have to find a bed that suits your dog’s habits. When choosing a bed for your dog, consider size, climate or weather, and style. Size
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The size of the dog bed you buy should be just right for your pet’s size and breed, and certainly not too big that space will be wasted. This can be as simple as measuring your dog before you go shopping.
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Measure from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail, then from his head or shoulders down to the floor. If you plan to buy a mattress dog bed, add 12 inches to have the approximate length and width for a flat dog bed. Then when your dog is sleeping in his usual position, measure him again. If he often sleeps with his body stretched out, get his length. If he loves curling up into a ball, get his diameter. If you’re buying a nest and ball-type dog bed, take his measurement while he’s curled up from above his head to the point where his tail starts, then add 7 to 9 inches. The dog bed size you should get has to match your requirements or be a little big bigger. If you have a very small dog, he may not like it. If you have a growing dog, make room for growth, and allow some space for movement, regardless of whether your dog is an adult or still growing. Weather or Climate How’s the weather in your area? Will your dog need a warm bed or the opposite? Where will the dog bed be placed – indoor, a dog house, a front porch, or an open area? If you put it outside, what temperatures are we looking at? Of course, the dog bed you choose should be able to handle the elements. Design Finally, consider the dog bed’s shape and style in relation to your pet’s size and sleeping habits. Observe his sleeping positions and where in the house he usually dozes off. Is he usually in a shadowy area at night and a sunny spot in the morning? If he likes to sleep in different parts of the house, then get a dog bed that will be easy to lug around, and of course, it has to match the d?cor in most parts of your house. Finally, check his sleeping habits. Does he stretch his body out or does he curl up? Is he more inclined to sleep alone or with company? All of these will help you choose the best bed that will be loved by both your dog and your family.

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