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Why You Should Start Using LED Lighting LED lighting technology provides users with numerous advantages in comparison to incandescent, compact fluorescent and other types of lighting. If you’ve always wanted to switch to LED, here are reasons to go ahead with your plan: Extended Lifespan LED bulbs and diodes have an exceptionally longer lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, meaning they can operate continuously for a period of 11 years. That also means, if left your LED fixture on for 8 hours a day, you wouldn’t have to replace the bulb until after two decades. Energy Efficiency
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LED bulbs are the most efficient lighting option today, with no less than 80% – 90% of electrical energy convertible to light energy. With incandescent bulbs, only 20% is converted.
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E-friendly Alternative LED lights are completely recyclable and even have no toxic chemical content, unlike conventional fluorescent light bulbs, which have mercury and other environmentally hazardous substances. With the use of this technology, your carbon footprint can be reduced by a third. Durability LED lights are made to last, with components that can weather the toughest conditions. They are resistant to external impacts and are perfect for outdoor lighting systems. Near Zero Ultraviolet Emissions LEDs produce a very little amount of infrared light and negligible UV emissions. That means they are not only good for heat-sensitive materials, but also for illuminating UV-sensitive areas, like art museums, archaeological sites, and the like. Versatility LEDs can be arranged such that they produce highly efficient lighting. Because individual LED bulbs can be dimmed, you have full control over the light and color distribution you want. With a well-designed LED light arrangement, beautiful lighting effects can be achieved to please the eye as well as stir emotions. Multi-temperature Efficiency LED lights are great under any temperature, including extremes. On the other hand, fluorescent lamps usually present a challenge in cold settings. Light Dispersal LED lights are designed to give off focused light, which may be aimed at a particular location using an external reflector. This translates to greater application efficiency in comparison to conventional lighting. Simply put, an area that needs more illumination will get more of it from LED lights. Wear and Tear LED lights may be switched on and off any number of times without changing its light emission or lifetime. With traditional lighting, it can take a few seconds before maximum brightness can be achieved, and operational lifespan significantly decreases with frequent on and off switching. Minimum Voltage LED lights only require low voltage to work. This means they can be used outdoors, as long as you have an external solar power source. This is just one reason LED lights are widely used in rural or remote areas.

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